Mojo = Personal Power!

You can never have enough Mojo, right Ladies?! So, I’ve put together a FREE pdf guide to help you find yours (’cause sometimes it goes on sabbatical after marriage and kids!)

About Alex Ridley

Alex Ridley is a fun, frank and feisty woman.

Over 20 years, as an Educator, Retail Manager, Coach, Community Leader and Small Business Owner, Alex has inspired others to play to their strengths and live life with more Purpose, Passion and Power. She throws herself into her relationships and projects 100%, and can often be found sharing her ideas, collaborating with others and shaking things up.

A self-confessed spotlight-seeker, big-dreamer and deep-thinker, Alex is always one to embrace her strengths and just get out there and do crazy things. However, a lot of the passions, hobbies and experiences she loved, and that shaped her identity, were pushed aside, to embrace her roles as wife and mum.

After years of feeling guilty, lost, disconnected and frustrated that she didn’t know who she was anymore (beyond the roles she played in life), she kicked her butt into gear, had a few lightbulb moments, changed her vision and released her roar ( ’cause you know you can’t cage a Lioness).

Now, as she approaches 40, she feels like she has truly stepped into her own and found herself again.

By getting Clarity on who she wanted to be and creating an inspiring vision for her life, she regained the Confidence and Courage she used to have and has been able to move forward and away from a life of approval addiction and people pleasing. She has once again embraced her kookiness for life and is often the square peg, amongst other people and businesses (which she loves!)

Today, Alex (and her Hero Hubby) have created a fun, fulfilling and freedom-based lifestyle for their family. They love to cook for friends, sing and dance troubles away, be playful and fun, learn together, travel A LOT and basically, live life on their terms.

It’s pretty cool.

Are you a woman who feels

Tired? Lost? Overwhelmed? Forgotten?

I know that life these days can be a constant juggling act. Are you afraid of what will happen (or not happen) if you drop the balls?

If your schedule is full, you’re probably busy with obligations like work, parenting your kids, trying to organise a date night, running a household, trying to see friends, attempting to eat well and work out, getting to the store, chaperoning people around, chores around the house, volunteering your time and………….the list is endless.

These are just the things that need to get done. What about all those other thousand, little things you’re doing? Oh, and did you see what was missing off the list? All the fun stuff you want to do for yourself!

* Is it difficult for you to manage all your roles and obligations, and you feel like you’ve lost yourself, in the process of being everything to everyone?

* Do you feel guilty that you want something more for yourself, outside of family life, but you also know that it’s time to focus on your needs again, so that you can be a better woman?

Alex has been there. She knows the emotional pain you feel, the spiritual vacuum you’re in and the physical exhaustion which is wearing you down. In giving so much to everyone else, you’ve depleted your own sense of self and can’t recognise the woman in the mirror anymore.

It’s time to take charge of your life again!

If you feel like your time, body, space, thoughts and whole life have been consumed by meeting others’ needs, and you are now frustrated enough that you want your ‘me time’ and personal identity back, then it’s time to stop playing the Mama Martyr role, and time to reclaim your Time, Energy, Focus and Dreams back!

Stop playing the Pussycat and be the Lioness, you know you are!


Alex has been a great person to bounce ideas off, whether they are business or personal. She always has some insight that helps you clear the path to take the next step. Her gorgeous personality and genuine passion for helping people is refreshing. I’m so glad to have Alex as part of my tribe!

Kylie Isbester

Recruitment Specialist, Think Recruitment


For years when I found myself in difficult circumstances, personally or professionally, my focus would be to move on to something different. Alex helped me realise that instead of always focusing on ‘moving away’ from whatever the pain was, I really needed to focus on ‘moving towards’ solutions and something good, by creating a vision and sense of where I wanted to be. Now I ask myself, ‘Where will this opportunity take me? How will I grow? What might it lead to and is this the kind of place I want to be in the long run?’ Alex helped me get the perspective I needed to move forward.

Kristie Barlow

HR Advisor, Australian Public Service