How to stop setting Resolutions and start creating Revolutions in your life

Hands up if you’ve set yourself a goal to achieve this year, and you’ve already given up on it?


What is it about a new season or year that has us all scrambling for our To-Do lists, creating Bucket Lists and re-evaluating our current life situations?


We embrace each new season with optimism and fresh energy because it provides a sense of a new beginning.

We get to ‘have another go’ or create something new that will help fulfil us.

Most people sit down in January and begin creating resolutions and goals for the months to follow.

You go into the planning process with enthusiasm and inspiration, excited at what lies ahead.

You buy your new planner, create an inspiring vision board with your face stuck on a model’s body or a picture of that holiday you’ve been wanting to take for 10 years or words that are supposed to give you motivation, like ‘courage’, ‘be brave’ and ‘You can do it!’

You feel great. You’re on course. You’ve spelt out exactly what you want to experience, feel and have for the year. This is it! This year you’re really going to do it.


Then…(crickets chirping)…nothing….

What happened?

Is this you? Have you just decided to give up on a dream or goal because it’s too hard? You’re too busy? You can’t do it? What’s the point?


For many women, dreams remain unfulfilled, as your habits and the reality of daily life consume your time.

The fantasy seems so far off now and what once inspired you, is probably now frustrating you, as you stress over how you’re actually going to achieve it.

The vision begins to get foggy until it’s a distant memory, the months pass, nothing has changed and it’s only remembered when you find your crumpled vision board gathering dust behind your shelf.

Understanding your motivations in making these resolutions and knowing what is important to you, will help determine your success, as will taking the right course of action.


In order to reach your goals this year, you may need less resolutions and more revolutions.

A Revolution in your Thoughts.

A Revolution in your Habits.

A Revolution in your Beliefs and what you think is possible for you.

A Revolution in your Resources and levels of Resourcefulness.

A Revolution in Action.

If you want to experience, feel and have something drastically different this year, you’re going to have to think drastically different, act drastically differently and be drastically different. That’s the reality.


But…it’s this reality which people don’t prepare for when setting goals and which can undermine your efforts.


Your daily habits will 100% determine your success.

If you don’t change your habits, don’t focus on what needs to be done, don’t take action on the things that will bring you results, you will not see results.

You will not feel the way you want to feel.

You will not create the life you want for yourself.

You will not feel that sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a goal and realising a dream.


There are many reasons why you don’t achieve the results you want each year. These include:

  • not knowing what you really want and need
  • living according to others’ expectations
  • making vague resolutions with no specific action plan to achieve it
  • or having a plan which is too specific and allows no margin for growth, change or flexibility (so when things don’t ‘go to plan’ it’s a great excuse to throw your hands in the air and give up)
  • not being consistent and persistent in your new behaviour.
  • a fear of failure (or success) which can manifest itself as perfectionism or procrastination, both resulting in inactivity.



So, how do you move from creating resolutions to creating a Revolution and getting Results?

  1. First and foremost you have to address any perceptions, thoughts, beliefs or behaviours which are holding you back or where you see yourself repeating old patterns. Otherwise, you’ll get the same failed outcome.
  2. You need to be honest and ask yourself some self-discovery questions. Check out my FB video here, where I pose some questions to you.
  3. Rather than getting too specific, set yourself a theme for the next 90 days. What is the emotional state you most want to feel? Then work out how you can create opportunities to regularly experience this state in your every day life. Enjoy the journey and value the process, not just the end result.


The most important thing to remember is that every day is a new opportunity for you. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day, or a major event, to make changes in your life that could lead to more happiness, fun, success, fulfilment and adventure. The benefits are there for the taking each and every day.

Are you grabbing them?


Alex Ridley


PS: If you want to find out how you can start to shift your thinking through strategic questioning, then flick me an email and I’ll show you how. 

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