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Hi. It’s Alex Ridley here, owner of ROAR Tribe, helping women like you, find their courage and release their roar to the world.

I’m excited that you’re here because I’d really like you to grab your copy of the FREE action guide ‘5 Ways to Rediscover Who You Were (before marriage and kids), which is my gift to you.

You’ll discover how to regain the values of Clarity, Confidence and Courage in yourself, by working through my 5 step guide.

These values have guided me for over 30 years and have enabled me to help hundreds of people, just like you who felt frustrated, overwhelmed and lost, but who rediscovered who they were and what they wanted in life.

It’s time to reclaim your identity and move forward with more positivity, focus and motivation.

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You can reinvent yourself, transform the way you live life, and be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, if you just start by tapping into the spirit and strength that already exists within you and that got you this far in life.

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If you’re still asking yourself…

‘How do I change and achieve what I want,

when I don’t even know what that is and I don’t even know who I am anymore?’


…well, don’t stress. I’ve got the first step worked out for you.

Don’t worry so much about what’s ahead of you or your future in 5 years.

Start with the here and now and start with what you’re already an expert in– your life, your experiences, your successes and all the things that made you who you are.


Here’s what will happen when you use this guide:

  • You’ll learn how to reconnect with your passions, pastimes and purpose and remind yourself of what’s important to you


  • You’ll identify those parts of your personality, your style and your character that made you stand out once and helped you feel unique and confident, instead of feeling blurgh and like you blend into the background


  • Your sense of certainty in who you are, what you stand for and what you can accomplish will be reignited, as you explore your own success high points, creative abilities and contributions to the world.


BONUS: I’m also sending you a special bonus.

For each of the 5 steps in this guide, I’ve written a bonus worksheet to help guide you through the self-discovery and journalling process. See it as a Coach in your Inbox, tips which you’ll receive every few days.


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