Meet Alex


I’m Alex and I help working mums go from burn out to blast off, by helping you rediscover your core self, after years of self-neglect.

I know what it’s like to focus all of your energies on looking after others, and then one day, you realise you haven’t achieved the things you wanted to and you don’t know who you are or what you want anymore. You’ve lost your sense of ‘self’ in the process.

Well, now it’s your time to ROAR and to get your confidence back! I did it and you can too.





Insight Into Alex



1. I am Family-Focused

  • I’m one part fabulous woman, one cup foxy wife and two dashes of feisty mama (wink, wink).  I’m blessed to have married an amazing man who cheers me on at my best and lifts me up at my worst. It’s the best partnership I’ve helped create.
  • The kiddies are now 7 and 5 and I love to do all things silly, playful and fun with them. Our time together is precious and we love to explore, play, laugh and create together. Sometimes, we drive each other bonkers.
  • I believe it takes a tribe to raise a family. It’s a constant work in progress, as you grow and change together, so share the joy (and hassles) with friends and extended family. Ask for help, regularly!



2. I am Spiritual

  • My mission is to Teach and Serve others, by helping and inspiring you to be your authentic self. You have a unique set of gifts, talents, skills and a wealth of knowledge and experience which no-one else has, so use them to achieve your dreams and to live a Conscious life of service.
  • I believe in having faith. You deserve good things and God is on your side, wanting you to step up. If you feel like you’ve lost your Mojo or you haven’t seen that adventurous, independent, confident girl in a while, have faith you’ll reconnect with her soon and that you’ll become exactly who you want to be.
  • My spirtual practice was always very active and closely tied to my culture. Over the years, I’ve also learnt to embrace the art of mindfulness, quiet prayer, meditation and stillness. This has been a huge challenge for someone who can’t sit still, but it’s also been my saving grace through difficult, emotional times.



3. I am Creative

  • I have an abundance of energy and I am always thinking of new ideas, initiatives, answers to problems and I love being at the start of projects, in the creative, planning stage.
  • I love artistic forms of expression, making jewellery, playing dress ups and practical activities, where I can create something out of nothing.  I’m not ‘an artiste’ but being creative releases energy and makes me feel good, which is what matters to me.
  • I’m a Performer and love being up front. I’ve trodden a lot of boards over the past 35 years in plays, musicals and dance shows. (Yep, I’m no Oscar contender but I am an Arts junkie). I was a high school Drama and Dance teacher and a folkloric dance choreographer. I loved everything about putting on a show and helping people escape into another world.


4. I am a Culture Vulture

  • My family is from the Balkans. Most of us are bold, brash, boisterous people and lovers of God, Food, Dance, History, Laughter and Music. When  our community gets together, things are going to get crazy.
  • I could happily get lost and live in a museum all day. I love History, learning about people, discovering and exploring ideas and making sense of things.
  • Visiting museums, art galleries, historical sites and immersing myself in local culture, is a must-do on my Travel List. I actually wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was a kid and studied a bit of archaeology but realised actual digs were boring (not like the movies!) If I could travel the world full-time exploring different cultures, I would (that’s the big family goal!)



5. I am Bold

  • I speak my mind. If I see something is just plain dumb, wrong or unjust, I can’t keep quiet. (It’s a blessing and a curse.) I believe in speaking up for others, standing up for important causes and showing up and using your talents, skills and experience to help others.
  • I believe in bold leadership and being brave (even in the face of the fearful and the haters out there). You need to stand strong in who you are and what you represent and surround yourself with people who are aligned with your values and who are also on a mission of goodwill.




So, now that you know some fun stuff about me, here is the career info.

Professional Background

My professional experience spans over 20 years and over the course of being an Educator, Retail Manager and Performance Management Coach and owning my own Consultancy Business for 7 years (Bounce Professional Coaching & Development), I’ve had regular engagement with:

  • Regional Councils
  • Government Departments
  • Community Agencies
  • Educational Insitutions
  • Not-for-Profits
  • and hundreds of clients within the Education, Corporate and Small-Medium Business Sectors.


It’s been fulfilling to work with so many different people, in a variety of work settings.



So, why pivot my business of 7 years to start this new venture?

Well, simply, I have changed and I have grown and it’s ok to want something different and something new.


When I started my business in 2009, I had no ties to anyone and I did what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted.

I was very ambitious and independent and worked with people from various professional sectors. I had a unique set of skills, talents and resources which led me to starting my first Consulting biz…and it was AWESOME!

I loved teaching, training and coaching clients to identify their strengths and bring a greater sense of purpose, passion and power to their work, home-life and interests.

Then one became two (got married), two became three, then four (had kids).  I changed. I grew.

I learnt more about myself and about who I wanted to be. The way I saw the world changed and I decided I wanted to play a bigger part in the world’s shifting consciousness. My creative energy needed a new outlet.

So, I wound up my business and took a year off. I worked, I studied, we travelled and I planned.

I realised that my life experiences and the resources I’d built and used over 20 years, were uniquely positioned to help and support women like you, to rediscover yourself and find your way back to being a confident and courageous woman.

So, in 2018 I created ROAR Tribe and the ‘ROAR-Rediscover Oneself with Alex Ridley’ program kicked off.

I’m super-excited to bring you the inspiration and insights you need to rediscover yourself and be more authentic, bold and confident again.


So, let’s connect and create some magic together.